Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa [2011]

For a Malay movie, this action movie is quite decent as it has almost everything, action, gore and romance.  I believe this movie is a start to greater things for the Malaysian movie industry, and I hope to see more coming which are on par with those ancient movies done by China ad Hong Kong at least.  The movie which revolves about historical figure Merong Mahawangsa starts off promisingly and it does ends well.  The plot itself is a little shaky and the movie itself does get the usual 'Malaysian movie syndrome' which is the feeling that everything is scripted and lacks passion.

On that note, I felt that the casting director could have done a better job for the heroes/good guys because they lacked 'stature'.  However, the 'bad side' aka Garuda was brilliant.  I personally didn't like the Malay language used in the movie as it was too 'antique' for me. As for the advance CGI boasted by the producers, well.. it's not far to be as good as Hollywood.  Overall, a good movie worth watching.

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