Monday, September 8, 2008

Long Khong 2

Its 1 HOUR & 24 MINUTES of fake blood!!
You should catch it because YOU WANT TO SEE BLOOD.
You should not watch this movie if EVEN IF YOU WANT TO WATCH WITCHCRAFT MOVIES.

I admit I have not seen Long Khong 1, but this sequel is nothing much to shout about. The plot is unattractive, and I found myself not even scared of anything. Its just too lame and too dull if compared to those better off Korean and Japanese, and even Indonesian thrillers. In fact, the plot was so predictable, I could sleep through the movie, if not of the small hope inside of me which thought that something different would happen, which eventually didn't. The only thing which stood up is the beauty of Panor.

Long Khong 2 actually plays about the Thai belief of the third eye, and how a teacher wants to get back for her being tortured in the past. It ends with lots and lots of fake blood, scary screams and not mentioning gore. Other than that, its a total waste of money, and you should think of skipping this, and watch some other movies available.

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