Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Its 2 HOUR & 2 MINUTES of story telling.
You should catch it because YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO COUNT CARDS IN VEGAS.
You should not watch this movie if DON'T SEE THE POINT OF COUNTING CARDS.

The trailer of 21 was interesting. I admit I went to see this movie because the trailer made it interesting. Nonetheless, all those thoughts changed once I was in the hall, watching the movie. The plot is lame, and predictable. The story is slow, despite taking place mostly in 'happening' Vegas.

If you wonder what this movie is about, I'll give you some spoilers because I do feel that this movie is not really worth your money. Its generally about a 21 year old genius, wanting to go to Harvard Med, but having insufficient funds at disposal. He eventually go enticed to join a group of MIT students under one professor which count cards in Vegas during the weekend. Well, he got really into it, and got cocky, which led to him loosing $300000 in a single night. This made the professor angry, and hence he was the new leader of the group. However, being novice in leadership, he got caught counting cards, and eventually signed up with a security casino personnel which asked him to fish out the professor, which he actually did successfully.

The story ends with him getting in Harvard, and him getting back with his old friends which he lost along the process of being a the best in counting cards.

Ahh.. I told you the plot was boring and lame. Don't bother watching this movie, unless you want to spend 2 hours dozing out in the cinema.

3 comments: said...

agreed with you on this one. such a waste of time. don't bother to watch.

anyone wanna exchange link?!

Dzof said...

But the book was better...

amieymisme said...

huh! borinx.......
but the main actor is cute....hehehe