Friday, July 11, 2008


Where I watched it: STAR Cineplex, Kuching
Duration: 1 Hour 32 mins
Description: Great
Should you watch this? : YES!!

By all means, this is not the average superhero movie. As far as I am concern, a Will Smith movie has never disappointed me and this is no exception. The movie star's Hancock, which is played by Will Smith whom has supernatural powers(sort of like Superman, without those laser eyes). He is a drunkard, and saves people in the most unorthodox methods, that most New Yorkers hate him due to his high destruction rate to the city's property. Nonetheless, this all changed after he saves the life of PR executive, Ray Embrey whom tries to change Hancock into an iconic figure he should be. The movie also touches on how Hancock gets his powers, and how he meets his ultimate soul through Ray.

To be frank, the plot of the movie is simple, and I was kind of dissapointed to the fact that the middle end part of the movie was not as explosive as I expected. Nonetheless, with the tagline "not your average superhero", I guess, the storyline is also not the typical 'superhero' storyline, and with an ending such as what I saw, I bet my money that there would soon be a Hancock 2. I'd rate this movie at 4/5, as it is worth the money!

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