Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Not Single

Where I watched it: Metrowealth Cineplex, Kuching
Duration: 1 Hour 27 mins
Description: So-so..
Should you watch this? : Maybe, If you are bored.

If you are into Malay romance movies, then this is one of the few you should get a look at. But, if you are not really into the usual over-reacting, predictable plot, and sometimes 'weird' jokes, you might want to give this movie a skip. And when I mean 'weird' movies, I do not mean those embarrassing Senario jokes which to me is lame and not even funny.

To be frank, the story is very very predictable and simple, and how it ends, makes it somewhat awkward as you do feel there would be suspense, but it was the normal lame ending. I did enjoy the jokes, and the romantic moments in the movie, but by international standards, this is quite far. One thing which really impressed me is the way they played the theme song "Dua Jiwa" by Dakmie into the scenes of the movie. If you have extra money in your pockets, you might want to give this movie a watch. Its not really worth it as you would expect it on free-TV next year, but then again.. its a decent movie to enjoy.

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