Saturday, August 16, 2008


Its 1 HOUR & 4o MINIUTES of robotics
You should catch it because IT’S CUTE, SENSITIVE, PRACTICAL & MAGICAL
You should not watch this movie if YOU PITY CUTE THINGS BEING TRASHED

WALL-E is such a fantastic movie. During the first half an hour, you’d be presented with a small cute robot called WALL-E which does not speak much, hence making you feel you are obviously watching a Charlie Chaplin movie in animation. In fact, I had a feeling that I didn’t get my money’s worth during the first few scenes of the movie as it was just about a stupid old, rusty robot which has a job to clean the earth. To sum my feeling up, the robot hardly speaks!!! I was almost sure that the movie would have bad reviews from me.

Nonetheless, everything changed when another robot called EVE landed. The story started to mushroom… and hard cold feelings within me started to melt. WALL-E grew into me, and before I knew it, I was touched with his persistence, and his need for company. In fact, his ability to show emotions through his little actions made him more adorable, and I figure, the whole “it’s just a lame story about a robot” sentiment flew away, with a great feel of satisfaction at the end of the movie. With that said, I’d like to point out that this is a movie, which no one should miss… and I’d say that this movie is by far, the best animated movie ever produced by man!! I tell you… Disney does have MAGIC, and WALL-E is one of them!!


amieymisme said...

huaa!!!!! i love this movie!!!!!
so sad... and satisfied with the movie... enjoyable...

cyrildason said...

Wall-E is just awesome!