Saturday, August 9, 2008


Where I watched it: Metrowealth Cineplex, Kuching
Duration: 1 Hour 55 mins
Description: Weird & Confusing
Should you watch this? : Skip this one. Save your money

I actually caught this movie because of how good of a ratings it had on one of the online movie sites gave. SUSUK is a Malaysian horror movie which revolves on voodoo, and spells to gain fame and glory. Nonetheless, despite having top actors like Ida Narina and Soffea Jane, i have to say that this is not a movie you should spend you money on. I doubt you'd end up understanding the plot, and despite the convincing acting shown, the plot of the movie is the main failure.

The main cause of disappointment towards to movie is the lack of explanation, and the huge derailment of the plot. I walked into the cineplex hoping for a lot of voodoo, and action.. but what I got was slow action, little voodoo... and a huge wondering on what actually happened in the movie. At the end of the day, I could figure out the movie, but still.... I felt there is so many untold tales, making this movie a NO-GO from my perspective.


Amir said...

thanks for your refreshing candour ;-)

cdason said...

no problem amir..