Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17 Again [2009]

17 Again isn't the best of all movies to be honest. The plot is very much predictable, and I felt that so much more could be done. Nonetheless, regardless of all that, it is a decent watch altough you will not find your eyes feeling teary or your tummy aching from laughter. In fact, most of the comedic scenes do not come from the main character which is played by Mike (Zac Efron), but rather by his best friend (Ned) whom continueously tries to impress Mike's new principal with huge and expensive gifts. Other stuff in the movie does seem rather ordinary to be honest.

Apart from that, the movie fails to make any decent impact as I couldn't fit myself into the shoes of the cast. Altough I do acknowledge that the movie is based on fantasies, sort of like Lindsay Lohan's Freaky Friday, but this movie doesn't make the cut, and is less impressive than Freaky Friday. Some segments of the movie felt too good to be true, while others were felt so fake that I thought "in real life, it wouldn't happen like that". In fact, I did feel that Zac was trying too hard in his acting.

Em, not all is lost with this movie as I really liked the ending, which I personally thought was romantic. The best moments in the movie must be when Mike expressed his feelings in the hallway of the gym, and also him reading a letter of his fond memories in court. Well, if you are a huge fan of Zac Efron, they maybe you would want to catch this flick, but if you are looking for something deeper, I'd suggest a good One Tree Hill series.

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