Monday, August 17, 2009

Last House On The Left [2009]

This movie is appropriately deemed at 18PL by the Malaysian government as it is perfectly brutal and sexual, but those thinking it has steamy scenes should think again. The movie is very brutal, and it is not suitable for children, but if you want to scare your child and avoid them from talking to or following strangers, then this is the movie to ask them to watch, although, I'd doubt they would understand what is going on.

I fully recommend this movie for teens tough, especially girls whom think they are 'invincible' and love to go out at night.

The movie describes what happens two two teenage girls (Mari and Paige) whom decide to follow and be-friend a total stranger (Justin), which then finds them being forced to follow a convicted man (Krug), while being sexually abused and molested during the whole course. After being raped by Krug, Mari motivated herself to swim back to her parents vacation house, while Paige was stabbed to death. The movie goes on highlighting how Krug and gang became instant house guest to Mari's parents due to an incoming storm, and how Krug's members were brutally murdered by Mari's parents upon knowing that Krug has raped his daughter.

Of all the movies this year, I think that this is a must watch movie. The cast of the movie played their roles to perfection, and the action looks nothing short of realistic. A reminder for the ladies tough, do watch this movie with companions or a companion as this is a movie which can do huge damage, emotionally.

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