Friday, August 21, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past [2009]

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is a charming movie revolving around Corner Mead whom is a playboy and has so many past girlfriends. The story moves on with Corner being shown 3 life times in his life, namely his past, present and future, which initially makes him realize about what he has been loosing out on, and what his priorities should be. I know, the plot sound really familiar with that old Christmas story by Charles Dickens, which is 'A Christmas Carol', and yet... it is, but with a twist.

The whole movie is rather slow, but you should bear with it as the movie starts getting interesting when Corner finally meets up with his past girlfriends which come to him in the form of ghost. Nonetheless, the plot gets very clear once Corner is shown his past and present life with Jenny Perotti, in which he sees the anguish and sadness he has caused the one girl he has un-knowingly loved for his life time.

Honestly, this is not a 'wow' rated movie, nor it is one of the best romantic comedy movies which strikes the heart. The plot is easy to read once you are introduced to Corner's ghost of the past, and that kills off most of the excitement. Nonetheless, the build up of the movie is solid, and it is worth a watch. For what's it worth, I think the message of the movie is well in tact, and that this movie is a really good lesson for those whom don't believe in love, or take love for granted.

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