Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Notebook [2004]

The notebook is a slow-moving movie which revolves about love. Nothing else matters inside this movie, but love. The pace of the movie, and the background of the movie which revolves about the 8o's make this movie kind of less interesting at first, but once you really get into it, and listen to the dialogue, you will notice how heart felt and magnificent this movie is. The key to watching this movie is patience, and without it, you'd end up clicking the button 'stop' after a few minutes.

The climax of the movie is indeed the ending. Of all the movies I've seen, most particular romance type of movies, this just has to have the best ending. It ends in a very bizarre fashion, with both love birds dying together peacefully side by side, in each others arms. I mean, how more romantic can that be?

A movie I highly recommend, but remember... the key is PATIENCE.

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