Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Tattooist (2007)

The Tattooist is a decent movie revolving on tattoos (obviously) and the tattooist. A pinch of pride came to me when a scene showed an Iban tattoo, which is very popular in Sarawak, but maybe not around the globe.

While the movie itself is heavily linked to the Samoan tattoo traditions, the art of tattooing itself is very much unique. Anyway, the movie is presentable, and sexy in a way (since I do think that tattoos at certain areas are kind of sexy and hot, although I do not want my g or myself to have one).

The good part is that the movie is easy to understand, and does not have much twist to confuse you, but that proves to be the problem with the movie which is too simple and largely ordinary without any particular effects.

Nonetheless, the movie is decent enough to watch, and it is interesting to see how tattoos are made.

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