Friday, October 9, 2009

Surrogates (2009)

I’ve never been more disappointed in a Bruce Willis movie ever, and this may be the first. Surrogate sound a tad too promising to even reach that node. 

Despite the good concept of the movie, I hugely felt it wasn’t as exciting as most people would imagine. In fact, the movie did feel rather flat throughout, with limited effects to keep you off the feet. Skip this movie if you have limited budget for a movie. It’s better to rent out this movie, or to download a free copy. It's really not worth your money.

The best conclusion would be that this movie didn't rock, and you'd be better off with other action movies featuring Bruce Willis.

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Dee Loner said...

ahah! I knew that this film is not really that great.. Honestly? that title itself is not an eye-catcher for me even!

I know some wont agree with this.