Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pelham 123

This action thriller is nothing short of fantastic to watch although it may seem to be anti-climax with certain things arguably illogical to be presented. The one thing I really enjoyed most is the big bike riders from the police force whom were entrusted to bring the hostage money to the Pelham 123. Err, actually, Pelham 123 is a train, which arrives at Pelham at 1:23 daily.

The effects in the movie are as usual, top notch, but I was dissatisfied with the lack of reality in the movie. As I said, somethings just don't make sense. Nonetheless, John Travolta and Danzel Washington provide excellent acting here, despite the predictable script line. There is really nothing to shout about in this movie, but I think it would do something to feel boredom perfectly.

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