Thursday, September 24, 2009

Congkak (2008) - Malay

Congkak actually starts decently by playing on the better side of the Asian supernatural side. However, as the movie goes on to the end, it changed from a horror movie to some what a comedy with huge elements of 'Goku' and illogical scenes.

The effort put in Congkak is indeed decent, but I felt it was rather sad that the plot was loose. Altough I do not know much about the Malay culture, but it does seem rather surreal that it only needs a single man to do exorcism, and to defeat 'bad spirits'. Even more interesting is that the movie fails do actually picture a realistic Malaysian background, hence indirectly bringing up the 'fake' feel in the movie.

The acting wasn't that great either with lack of expression found on all the actors, which immediately killing the 'feel' of the movie. I have to say, Jangan Tegur would be a much better choice to this movie.

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