Monday, September 7, 2009

Charlie and Me (2009)

Charlie and Me is an enticing movie which everyone could see. It's about Charlie (Tom Bosley) which is the granfather of Casey (Jordy Bannater) and realizes that he is on the verge of death following a heart attack while going out for the movies.

With little time left to buy, Charlie embarks on a journey of living his life to the fullest with his grand daughter, and teaches her so many simple, yet meaningful along the way. With Charlie and Casey bonding very well together,Casey's dad (James Gallenders) felt outcast, and started confronting his father regarding his absence in his daughters life. With Charlie's life moving nearer to ending, things start to work out with Casey and her dad and you have to watch this movie to know what happened.

Anyway, the movie is one of the bet family oriented movies available, and I'd hugely recommend this movie to go with a box of tissue. I really love looking at Tom Bosley's acting here, and I have to admit that he puts the word 'grand' in granpa. A fantastic movie. Trust me.

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