Saturday, September 19, 2009

G-Force (2009)

Hamsters are such cute animals, and there is no surprise that when the tag line of G-force reads "The world needs bigger super heros", I was looking forward to a cute, comedic movie fearuting hamsters which would make me laugh till I cired.

But sadly, that didn't happen. Watching this movie in 3D was indeed an experience because you could see them really close, but sadly.. this didn't help. Despite having some of 'its moments', the movie wasn't a 'that good', and will easily falter behind movies like Shrek and the Lion King. Even Toy Story 2 would beat the crap out of this movie.

Despite the turn of events, the movie lacks it sentimental touch, and the comedic scenes of the movie felt flat. Not a movie I'd whole recommend, unless you are a true blue fan of these tiny, cute creatures we call 'hamsters'.

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